Boiler breakdown & repair, based in Hollywood, West Midlands

Has your boiler broken down? Are you looking for a local heating engineer to come and fix it? We can be of assistance. We're based in Hollywood, but we offer our boiler repair service in Balsall, Dickins Heath, Dorridge, Knowle, Solihull and all of the surrounding areas.

Boiler repair

With years of experience undertaking boiler repairs already under our belt, we're absolutely confident that we can diagnose any problem on any boiler and provide a suitable fix/suggest the best course of action for all customers that get in touch. We're Gas Safe Registered so we can legally undertake all boiler repair work and we'll work with you to mitigate the problem in the future, offering our advice and guidance as requested.

Signs of a broken boiler

If you think that your boiler is on the verge of a breakdown but are unsure, ask yourself a couple of these questions. Is the boiler making strange noises that might be described as banging, gurgling or kettling? Is the water consistently cold, despite waiting for the water tank to refill? Are the radiators cold or do they take a long time to heat despite recently bleeding them? Is there a sound of a leaking pipe somewhere? Does the boiler constantly turn off? If you have noticed any of these signs, or you're worried about something else not on this list, please get in touch.

Contact us

If you would like us to repair your broken boiler or are concerned that your boiler might be on the verge of a breakdown, please get in touch. You can fill out the contact form on the contact page of our website, email us at or you can give us a call 07974 226 558. We'll look forward to hearing from you soon. If you are happy with our work, please leave us a review

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